Same product less money
Let's Compare is a powerful all-in-1 shopping assistant which allows users to shop, compare and save items for future purchases.
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Compare To Other Stores
By using cutting edge technology, Let’s Compare allows users to contrast the same product across multiple stores to get the best value for money. An easily accessible browser extension, with Let's Compare, you won't have to waste time going back and forth between multiple websites trying to locate the best deal.
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One Wish List For All Your Favorite Stores
Instead of different wish lists for different stores, Let's Compare gives you one super wishlist where you can easily save your favorite items from thousands of stores to analyze at your own pace and make the best purchase.
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Get Cashback
With Let’s Compare, you not only get the highest quality products for the best prices, but you also get money back. Let’s Compare gives you automatic cashback on thousands of products simply by using it. Shop. Get Cashback. Repeat.
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