Frequently Asked Questions

question How Does Let’s Compare Work? question
Let’s Compare is the ultimate virtual shopping assistant that allows users to compare products across thousands of stores simultaneously. Let’s Compare utilizes cutting-edge technology housed in one powerful browser extension.
question Can I save a product I like to compare in the future? question
Most definitely! With Let’s Compare, you simply add items to your wishlist to compare in the future.
question What is Cashback, and is it repeated? question
With Let’s Compare, shoppers have instant access to cashback on purchases from the thousands of stores in our network. Our cashback feature allows users to get money back on every purchase. Cashback is available all the time and in every store in our network.
question What is auto detect? question
Auto detect is the extension’s ability to identify a product or deal that can be compared. Once you are on a webpage that qualifies for comparison, our blue extension icon appears and a sidebar showcasing other purchasing options opens.
question Do you compare all stores? question
The internet is a massive space with millions of stores. Unfortunately, at the moment, we are unable to compare all stores. However, the Let’s Compare network has access to thousands of some of the most popular shopping websites and we are constantly adding new stores in a bid to improve our offer detection.
question Compare price or compare offer, what is the difference? question
Compare price with exactly the same product at a different price while compare offer highlights products that are similar with slight variations. We always opt to showcase compare offers as this provides you with options and the best value for your money.
question Does it work worldwide? question
Currently, Let’s Compare is only available in the United States, Israel, and Ukraine
question How do I disable it? question
If for any reason you wish to disable Let’s Compare, simply open Chrome, Select More, then click on More Tools, and then Extensions. Finally, navigate the extension you wish to disable and click on the option.